Welcome to the DSK Dermatology Center


We are very proud that DSK is able to provide all the services you may require - Preventive care, general and special medical and surgical care – without the necessity of your travel out-of-region.

In the development of DSK Dermatology Center, we solved the problem of the absence of dermatologists willing to reside in and serve a sparsely populated area. The Yale Department and the Mid-Hudson Institute for Family Health, with the American Board of Family Medicine-approved residency program and its extensive network of medical practices, developed a post graduate training program in dermatology for board certified physicians and physician assistants.

For the institute of Family health I directed the fellowship program. Based on my experience in training generations of dermatologists, I find that fellows who has satisfactorily completed two to three years of training have attained the competencies, skills and clinical judgment of a general dermatologist.

I deeply appreciate the staunch and vital support of the Yale Department of Dermatology and the Mid-Hudson Institute of family health. They have given DSK clinical excellence, and the program to generate a new kind of dermatologist.

Finally, contrary to the rumors spread widely in Kingston, I have not retired and DSK is not closing. I will continue to serve this community for many years to come.

Marie-Louise Johnson, MD, PhD
Clinical Professor of Dermatology
Yale University School of Medicine